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Holiday Greetings From Rayetta 

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year and Time Once Again for the Annual Update from Rayetta
Home of the White Family
   Billy Ray, Joyce and Les White

Rejoice in the spirit of Christmas which is Peace,
the miracle of Christmas which is Hope,
and the Heart of Christmas which is Love        

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Hello once again from the White Family. 
First I should probably give you a quick update on everyone. 
                                  Mother and Daddy are working side-by-side in the family business which is                                     B&R Septic Service.  Their days are long and hard.  They enjoy being with                                        each other and enjoy a little down time when it comes their way.  Kip David                                    has moved to Austin, Texas.  Jake is living in San Marcus and is attending                                         Texas State College.  He will be graduating May 13, 2011.  Olivia is his                                              girlfriend (again).  I have finished my secondt year in the Polytrauma Clinic                                     and Occupational Health Clinic at the Big Spring VAMC.  I continue to work                                    with the inmate populations for the Howard County Sheriff’s Office.  Of                                          course, I remain the Parrish Nurse for Family Faith Center                                                         

This has been a year of travel for me.  Starting in January I went to Las Vegas with my college roommate, John Yater to see Bette Midler at Caesar's Palace.  In February, Mom and Dad and I crossed Texas meet Kip and Jake at the Emerald Restaurant (Bee Cave) to celebrate Kip's birthday.  In April, I went to Cleveland, Ohio with my team from work to attend a workshop on Spinal Cord Injury.  In May, I went to Ruidoso with Mom and Dad.  In August, I went to Sacramento, California for an Occupational Health Conference.  The following week I was in Washington DC, to help build software to document staff exposure to blood and body fluids.  The template will be used across the entire VA system.  In September Mom and Dad and I went to Lake Tahoe for a week.  In October, I went to Albuquerque, New Mexico for more training in Spinal Cord Injury.  In November, Mom and Dad and I met Kip and Jake in Fredericksburg, Texas to celebrate Jake's birthday.  In November, I joined my friends, John and Doug for a trip to New York City to experience Macy's Thanksgiving Parade in person.  And finally just before the holidays, I traveled to Ruidoso, New Mexico for one more quick road trip.  

The economy is not much better than when I wrote to you last year.  The DOW has only gained a 1,000 points in 12 months.  With interest so very low I decided that I could make better use of my money by taking some of it out of the bank and remodeling the master bathroom and the laundry room.  The results were simply unbelievable.  Many of you have seen the photos on faceBook and flickr and they are still there.  We also replaced the plumbing under the back portion of the house and updated the kitchen.   After the first of the year the contractor will travel to Ruidoso to do some updates to our vacation home there.   Family Faith Center, our church home took possession of our new property in January and remodeled the sanctuary at $300,000.  Now we're remodeling the business offices, conference rooms and coffee shoppe. 

Big Spring witnessed the revitalization of Highway 87 which is the major crossroad through town.  While many businesses cried foul due to the loss of business the overall results must be seen as an asset for our town.  The Settles Hotel remains in the depths of a major refurbishing effort. 

The new Howard County Jail was completed on time and I am pleased to see the inmates in the new infirmary.  The old K-Mart building was transformed into the New Trinity Baptist Church and it will serve as an asset to Big Spring.  Our own Church, Family Faith Center, bought the old Trinity Baptist properties and began a major remodeling project in November.
I do believe that our church will be growing exponentially and it is with mixed
emotion that I will no longer be able to mail Christmas Cards to everyone in
the congregation.  However I do anticipate a newly designed website for my
Parish Nurse Ministry which will include a page devoted the annual
Christmas update.   

In the year off 2010we celebrated Mom's Aunt Dorothy had a wonderful 80th birthday celebration in Graham and we joined in the festivities. 

This year we also said farewell to Daddy's Aunt Pauline and Uncle Ray, as well as to our good friend of many years, Pete Shannon.

Les White PhD RN C APRN BC
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