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I was the first born.  In fact, I was the first born son of the first born son of the first born son.  
Psychologists have found support for the notion that the first born child is typically smarter than younger siblings, although the younger ones may make higher grades in school. 
First-born children usually receive higher test scores, in math and verbal ability, while later born children usually have better grade point averages in English.  Younger siblings might earn better grades, because they received mentoring from firs-borns who already had to tackle certain subjects, according to researchers. 
The eldest child also tends to have higher aptitude.  Later born siblings were found to be more extroverted (sociable, outgoing), sentimental, forgiving and open to new experiences than their older siblings.  First-borns were found to be more perfectionistic than their younger siblings. 
A recent study conducted by Tiffany L. Frank, a doctoral candidate at Adelphi University in Long Island, New York provides some support for such findings.  Previous studies have looked into the birth order of U.S. Presidents, Nobel laureates or NASA astronauts.  U.S. presidents and science Nobel Laureates were found to be overwhelmingly first-borns, as were 21 of 23 NASA astronauts.