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I visited Cleveland, Ohio in April.  It was my first trip to Ohio.  I was attending a Spinal Cord Injury Conference and traveled with our colleagues Stacy and Bill.  We stayed at the Crowne Plaza and the View of Lake Erie, although partially obstructed, was a nice surprise.  It looked like an ocean to me.   

The Cleveland Museum of Art is open late some evenings and is free.  You can see Dagas, Rodin, Monet, and Picasso.  Please visits the website for galleries I did not have time to visit although I was there until closing.

I can recommend a few restaurants for those who might want to visit. 

Phnom Penh (Asian, Cambodian, Thai, Vietnamese) I started out with Brorhet Trey Jiarn(Fish Cake) for the appetizer.  The Cambodian Crepe is wonderful and a delight to eat.  You will need to save room for Flan at the end of the meal.   

The Saffron Patch (Indian) Try the Samosa for an appitizer and the Lamb Biryani for the main course.  Bring a big appetite as the servings are huge and very reasonably priced.

Der Braumeister (German) The decor and costumes may be authentic.  We shared the Baked Brie and the Asfshnitt Platter for appetizers.  The Maul Taschen was very nice, but a little too mild for me.  You need to be slapped if you pass up the Bavarian Cream Torte.

Fahrenheit (French, American) is exceptional.  I had the Coffee & Mustard Crusted Pork Tenderloin which you could cut with a fork.  The chef is a true artist when it comes to desert.  And I am all about desert, as if you couldn't tell.  


I visited Sacramento, California during the month of September.  I was attending the 4th Annual Federal Occupational Health Conference.  I traveled with my colleagues Stacy, Anna and Olivia.  We stayed at the Sacramento Hyatt and I can say that I could not find anything to complain about. 

The first night we gathered ourselves and headed to Tuli Bistro which is highly touted by the foodies of the area.  The menu changes almost daily, but anyone should find something they like.  I had the pork chop which turns out to be a favorite recipe of the chef.  We dined in the open air porch and the evening was perfect.   Our second evening we went to the river and boarded the Delta King, a quaint old vessel to dine in their           Porterhouse Restaurant I highly recommend the Seared Ahi Tuna Tartare appetizer, followed by the Maple Leaf Duck Breast with Pomegranate Glaze, and rounding out the meal with the Root Beer Float-Flavored Crème Brûlée.    The next night we trooped over to La Tratoria Bohemia which is haled as an establishment with both Chezkoslavakian and Italian influences.  I began with the Bohemian Potatoe Pancakes which was a delightful surprise with great european flavors coupled with the unmistakable edginess that smoked salmon brings to the table (no pun intended).  For a salad I selected the Insalata la Maria with anchovies of course.  For the main course I was torn between the Pork Picate and the Spinach ricotta Ravioli.  The pork won my heart.  The Torta de Ricotta was the ending to a quaint evening.   
Frank Fats  



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